A two days of events celebrating the very finest elements of the Reggae/Dancehall culture, highlighting different sub-cultures that adds to making the whole machine work and move as one. It starts when War Ina East has grown over the years to be the only event in Europe where clash culture takes center stage, attracting not only clash heads but music lovers all over the world for a unified coming together all out celebration.


War Ina East starting as a humble try to put the art of soundclash back on the map in the Neterherlands, Herbalize It succeeded doing so already staging their first fine clash in 2004. Since that first clash not just the sounds clashing each other at the next editions have become bigger and more notorious and famous, but from 2007 War Ina East been one of the most important and talked about clashes each year worldwide

In 2014 we left our well-beloved Atak in Enschede for an even more appealing venue, Berlin's number 1 spot for urban and Carribean music, the Yaam opposite the Ostbahnhof, being able to stage a 3-day event there in collaboration with SuperLock. 


From 2017 a new umbrella name for this weekend was introduced: Soundsystem Culture Festival. A festival with different nights of the soundsystem culture like:


- War Ina East

- Juggle Ina East

- Dub Ina East

- Dance Ina East


From 2019 after deep contemplation and careful weighing of the pro's and con's, also talking into consideration where we can go to further build and expand to bring even more entertainment, more value for your money and a more amazing weekend experience, we decided to move next years weekender to JunkYard in Dortmund, Germany. A fantastic venue with an unique character and the home of many Caribbean events and concerts.  Definitely a top location in all of the NRW area and easily accessible for locals as well as foreigners. Soundsystem Culture Festival 2019 would once again raise the bar a couple notches higher so stay tuned for more exciting updates dropping in the near future